oktober 16, 2019

Low Cost Weight Indicator

WLIGHT is born, the new simple LAUMAS weight indicator. Result […]
september 3, 2019

EE074 Temperaturprobe with Modbus RTU

Key features / unique selling points: IP68 stainless steel enclosure […]
juni 20, 2019

Differansetrykkmåler for små områder

Valgbare måleområder på ± 25, ± 50, ± 100 og […]
april 30, 2019

Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Flomec introducing QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter. Engineered to deliver. 5 […]
juni 3, 2017

High-End moisture in oil transmitter with multifuctional display

EE360 is dedicated for reliable monitoring of lubrication, hydraulic and insulation oils as well as diesel fuel. In addition to highly accurate measurement of water activity (aw) and temperature (T), EE360 calculates the absolute water content (x) in ppm.
november 3, 2016

ProSens – new quality in measurements

Data acquisition systems for environmental monitoring and control support the production processes
september 27, 2016

Modular In-Line Flow Meter from E+E Elektronik

Modular In-Line Flow Meter for Compressed Air and GasesSuitable for pipe diameters DN15, DN20, DN25
juli 12, 2016

The new Wi-Fi Weight Transmitter TKLWF series

which broadens the range of LAUMAS transmitters, is equipped with an integrated Wi-Fi module, which allows wireless connection.
oktober 26, 2015

Optimalisering av fuelforbruk på skip

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