Programmable converter, trip amplifier

UI – ProgressX family

Universal programmable converter with threshold relay function. Configurable via PC using the ProgressX Manager software and micro USB standard or by the BlueSet removable display.

Input: Universal




RTD100, 2/3/4 wires

2/3 wires sensors



1 x 4-20mA or 0/10 V

1 SPDT or 2 configurable SIL relays

Power supplies:

Vcc and Vac universal power supply, 24/48 Vdc group power supply with back connector.

LEDs Intelligent signaling flashing for defaults.


By progressX Manager for programming the type of input, relays state in case of fault, hysteresis and alarm temporisation, 4/20mA output. Possibility for line measurement and outputs simulation.

By the BlueSet removable display, it allows the adjustment of input type, unit, scale, represented value, square root extraction, SIL function, status of fault relays, mode, value, hysteresis and delay of alarm relays,

output simulation, current output navigation via 1 control joystick. The BlueSet console allows to save a typical configuration to copy it in other appliances of the same reference.

Installation: Safe area


» removable display BlueSet

» power supply with back connector

» Standard micro USB cable

» downloadable ProgressXmanager software

ATEX classification :

CE 0081 II (1) G/D

[Ex ia]IIC et [Ex ia] IIIC

[Ex ia]IIB et [Ex ia] IIIB

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