Trimod Besta

Besta AG was established in 1967 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Bachofen Holding AG in Uster. Uwikkling and production takes place in Uster. The best distributes «world wide» to about 45 different countries through local representatives.

BEST magnetic level switches / float switches are available in three main groups:

  • Standard series with square flange.
  • Plastic series, level switches in PPH and PTFE (Teflon®).
  • Industrial line with level switches with DIN flange, ANSI flange, BS flange, JIP flange. Level switches for high pressures and temperatures.
  • TriMod BEST magnetic switches for low and high temperatures. Pneumatic level switch with on / off or 3-15 psi output.
  • Magnetic level switches for use in explosion hazardous areas in EEx i or EEx d versions.
  • Flood chamber in different pressures and dimensions.

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